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Our Story

Sara Francis, developed the idea of Engaging Therapies in 2015 while working as an independent contractor for another counseling agency, hoping to one day start her own practice. Over the next two years, Sara moved jobs and studied how other counseling agencies ran their practices and grew more confident in starting her own.

“I admired the hard work those agencies put into providing great mental health services to the community, but I saw that there were gaps. There were areas of great need in the community. I felt that by finally taking the jump to open my own physical doors that, in time, I’d be able to fill those gaps for the community,” said Sara.

Thus, in July 2017, Engaging Therapies, LLC opened its doors to the community with the aim of providing therapy which filled those gaps. “We’re here to offer therapy designed to be as unique as the people we serve. That’s the inspiration behind our practice, and our logo,” notes Sara. “Every puzzle piece and handprint  is different because everyone’s journey is different, no one ‘size’ or style of therapy suits all.”

Sara and the Engaging Therapies’ team continue to work on filling the gaps in Southeast Wisconsin’s mental health community and look forward to a brighter, healthier future for all.

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