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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need therapy? Is therapy right for me?

Therapy is for everyone, at any age or stage of life. If you think you might need therapy, you would probably benefit from it. You may seek out therapy because you are struggling with loss, stress, anxiety, depression or any number of challenges in your life.

Therapy is a process which is different for everyone. It can be a lifelong process or a tool for difficult periods. At Engaging Therapies LLC, we aim to help you heal in a collaborative process, offering personalized plans to meet your needs.

What types of therapy do you offer?

We specialize in helping those with severe emotional disturbances, mood disorders, ADHD, anxiety disorders, stress, self-esteem issues, sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders and more.


We offer individual, group and family therapy. 

Are you in-person or online?

We offer both in-person and virtual appointments. Virtual and in-person appointment availability varies by therapist.

Where are you located?

We are located in Suite 211 at 217 Wisconsin Ave, Waukesha, WI 53186.

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you are new to Engaging Therapies LLC, please set up an initial appointment via email or phone.

If you are already seeing one of our therapists please schedule an appointment with them directly or via our client portal.

Will my insurance cover therapy?

Many insurance companies cover therapy. We currently accept the following insurance:

  • United Health Care

  • UMR

  • Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  • Aetna

  • Humana

  • Medicaid (Straight)

  • Medicaid HMOs​
    • Molina

    • United Health Care Community Plan

    • MHS Health Wisconsin

    • Chorus Community Health Plan (CCHP)

    • MyChoice (March 1, 2024)

    • iCare

    • Network Health

    • Inclusa

  • Together with CCHP

  • Molina

  • Exceedent

  • TriCare

  • ComPsych

  • Quartz

  • Cigna

  • The Alliance (March 1, 2024)

  • Network Health (Commercial-coming soon)

What is a "good faith estimate" and how do I receive one?

If you are paying for therapy out-of-pocket, you are entitled to a written "good faith estimate" of expected charges before receiving therapy according to federal law.

Unlike physical medical care, there are several factors which make estimating how long it will take a client to complete therapeutic treatment difficult: goals and personal factors may influence the length of treatment. We will do our best to provide you an estimate reflective of your needs. Clients may receive an estimate upon request or following the initial assessment.

Learn more about the "good faith estimate" and the No Surprises Act.

It's my first visit. What should I expect?

Welcome! Your first appointment can be an intimidating prospect. We aim to lessen any anxieties you may have by ensuring you are matched with a therapist that can meet your needs. Your first few appointments will focus on meeting your therapist and developing an approach tailored to you.


We ask that you arrive promptly with the relevant paperwork completed by your first appointment. Our paperwork has gone digital. You will receive all relevant documents to fill out via email.


Please email us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your first appointment or paperwork.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Just bring yourself. Nothing else is needed.

My insurance or information has changed. How do I update it?

All our paperwork is digital. Visit our client portal to update insurance or personal information. Please update this information promptly when there are changes to ensure services will remain coered. 

I am going to be late to my appointment. What do I do?

If you are going to be late to an appointment, please contact your therapist directly and they will discuss your options. This may mean:

  • Waiting (if you are late by 15 minutes or less)

  • Rescheduling

  • Being charged a late fee

What if I am in a crisis?

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

How can I receive after-hours care?

To serve you best, we need time to rest and recharge. If you need assistance outside of our available hours please utilize these trusted mental health resources:

  • Waukesha's Impact 2-1-1 hotline: (262) 547-3388 and ask to speak to a Waukesha County mental health crisis worker.

  • Milwaukee County Crisis Line: (414) 257-7222 to speak to a Milwaukee County mental health crisis worker.

  • National Suicide Lifeline: (800) 273-8255

  • 24/7 Counseling and Text Support Line: Text "HOPELINE" to 741741

I've received an invoice. How do I pay it?

Our billing has gone digital for 2022! You will receive invoices via email. Please do not click the link to pay the invoice until you are ready to do so, as it is a one time use link or login to your client portal here

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