A Piece to Your Puzzle

Therapy services for people who are ready to step out of their old life and step into a new life.

Life can be challenging. Rest assured, you are not alone! 

Do you relate to any of the thoughts below?

  • You feel exhausted, frustrated, out-of-control, and saddened by challenges in your life.

  • You have difficulty coping with the world around you and your current circumstances.

  • You’re struggling to find joy when you’re hanging out with your friends, family and others.

  • You feel like you’re stuck and don’t know which way to turn.

“A Safe & Soothing Space to Help You 

Find Your Peace of Mind”

About Engaging Therapies, LLC

If you are looking for an outpatient mental health clinic that provides therapy services to children, adolescents, and adults within Waukesha County and the surrounding areas, we are here for you. Our specialties are helping those with severe emotional disturbances, mood disorders, ADHD, anxiety disorders, stress, self-esteem issues, sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, plus other challenges in life, and more.

We are an experienced, ethical, and skilled group of therapists who love helping people from all walks of life. We understand that everyone’s wants and needs are different, we have boutique approach offering personalized plans to meet you and/or your family’s unique needs.

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